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Residential service

Home or cottage, we have you covered

With A-Extermination Home Protection Program, you will be as close to pest-free living as you can get. A-Extermination has been serving our customers for over 50 years and continues to lead the way in safe, effective pest management. 

Guaranteed Results, Twelve Months of the Year

Our Home Protection Program is customized to meet your specific needs. We provide a minimum of two scheduled services, each focusing on your specific pest management needs. The first service typically includes a thorough exterior treatment in Spring or Summer to pro-actively reduce the risk of invading pests. The second involves a thorough inspection and set-up of tamper-resistant bait stations to control mice moving in for the cooler months.

Features of our Home Protection Program

  • environmentally responsible procedures;
  • licensed by the Ministry of the Environment;
  • 1 full year warranty;
  • guaranteed control of ALL these pests



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