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Sowbug extermination


Up to ½ inch long






Sowbugs and pillbugs, often called isopods, are the only crustaceans completely adapted to terrestrial habitats. Sowbugs have oval bodies that are flattened, and have two small appendages extending from the rear. Unlike pillbugs, sowbugs cannot roll into a ball. They have seven pairs of legs. Sowbugs are usually nocturnal and occasionally even bury themselves several inches within the soil. Where large numbers occur outside a foundation, numerous sowbugs may find their way inside where they quickly die from dehydration. They can, however, survive nicely in damp basements, cellars and crawl spaces. They have been found living within homes where a constant moisture source is available due to a water leak. Sowbugs feed on decaying vegetable matter. Many sowbugs live up to two years.





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