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Indian meal moth extermination


Up to 5/8 inch in length



The front wing of an Indian meal moth is a reddish copper color on the outer two-thirds.



A female Indian meal moth lays 100-400 eggs on food materials during her life span. The larvae grow to ¾ inch in length and have greenish tinge in appearance. They construct webbing cases or tunnels throughout infested food, usually rendering it unusable. At maturity, the larvae crawl out of infested foods and wander on walls, floors, etc. in search of a site to pupate. The fine silk cocoon, which houses a brownish pupa, is often located in corners, in crevices and behind items against or hanging on walls. If the larvae are unable to find their way out of the food package, they will pupate within that container. The life cycle lasts from 25 to 135 days depending on factors such as temperature and food quality. Adult Indian meal moths tend to avoid light and rest quietly on walls and ceilings. This moth is a weak flier and becomes active after dusk or in low light conditions.





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