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General Info

  • Boxelder bugs are black with red markings across their backs
  • Boxelder bugs have beaks that they use to suck plant juices, but they do not bite
  • Any warm, winter day may “wake-up” these bugs and bring them into your living areas

Where They Live

  • In the summer boxelder bugs live outdoors on trees and shrubs
  • When it’s cool, these bugs will gather together in large numbers in sunny areas like home siding, concrete areas, porches, and tree trunks
  • Inside they will hide under siding, in attics, garages, basements, and sheds

What They Want From You

  • For food, they feed on trees and shrubs in your yard (however, they rarely create noticeable damage to plants or trees)
  • As the weather cools, they will come inside seeking warmth and shelter for the winter

Why They’re A Problem

  • Only occasionally, very large outbreaks may cause feeding damage to plants, fruit trees, and fruits
  • Large indoor invasions can be a nuisance to homeowners

Tips For Limiting Entry and Avoiding Future Problems

  • Caulk any points where bugs can come inside, including entry points from outside or neighboring units
  • Vacuum regularly to remove insects in sensitive areas

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