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Comment reconnaître une coquerelle ?

Insectes 10 April 2020
How to recognize a cockroach?
Recognize a striped cockroach
Start by determining the size of the insect.

Striped cockroaches (Supella longipalpa), which are also called brown-banded cockroaches or furniture cockroaches, are between 10 and 14 mm in length in adulthood. They are one of the smallest cockroach species. To give an idea of ​​their size, it suffices to point out that their length is less than the diameter of a one cent euro coin (16.25 mm) if the antennas are omitted.
Try to spot two bands of yellow brown.
Despite what one of the names of this cockroach (brown banded cockroach) might suggest, it is not identified by brown bands, but by two yellowish bands which surround the abdomen. Look for a wide one in the lower part of the abdomen and a thinner one which crosses it in the middle.
Take into account the climate of your region.
Striped cockroaches generally live in hot, dry climates. If you are facing a cockroach problem and you live in an area with a humid climate and average or low temperatures, you are probably facing another species of cockroach.
Find a water point near your house.
 Striped cockroaches hate moisture and are rarely found around a water source. If you've seen a cockroach near the toilet bowl or near a sink, it's probably not a brown-banded cockroach.
See if the cockroach has wings.
The striped cockroach flies away when disturbed. If you see a cockroach flying, it's probably a brown-banded cockroach.
Recognize a German cockroach

Start by assessing the size of the cockroach.
German cockroaches are a little longer than striped cockroaches. They reach a length (without the antennae) of between 13 and 16 mm in adulthood, which roughly corresponds to the diameter of a penny.
Look for two black bands.
The German cockroach can be recognized by two dark stripes which extend on its back from the head to the bottom of the wings. These bands are often dark brown and can sometimes be almost black.
Observe the behavior of the cockroach towards water.
 German cockroaches love humidity and heat. In general, they can be seen in the kitchen or the bathroom wandering near a sink or sink. They are often also found in the trash cans where they collect their food.
Take into account the number of cockroaches.
German cockroaches are the most commonly encountered cockroaches in homes where they tend to congregate. If you think your home is overwhelmed by cockroaches, there is a big risk that you are dealing with German cockroaches.

Recognize an American cockroach

Start by assessing the size of the cockroach. American cockroaches are a kind of large cockroach since they can be up to 5 cm long in adulthood. If you place such a cockroach next to a euro coin, it appears twice as long as its diameter (23.25 mm).
Pay attention to the color of the cockroach.
American cockroaches are distinguished from other cockroaches by their reddish brown color reminiscent of amber. Most of the other cockroaches have a dark brown or black body. Try to see if the cockroach in front of you has a body that emits red reflections. Also look for two large dark brown dots just behind the head which are the only two areas of the body that are not red in this species.
See if the body is shiny.
American cockroaches have a characteristic red color, but they are also particularly bright. Their bodies and wings are perfectly shiny, but that does not make them attractive.
Pay attention to the type of foods the cockroach consumes. American cockroaches are very fond of moist foods, such as those of humans or their pets, making them particularly harmful insects. If you see a large cockroach eating your food or that of your dog or cat, it is most likely an American cockroach.
Recognize an oriental cockroach

Evaluate the size of the cockroach.
Eastern cockroaches are generally one centimeter in length in adulthood, which is roughly half the diameter of a 10-euro (19.75 mm) coin. They have a tube-shaped body that is the same width from the top of the head to the end of the abdomen. Female eastern cockroaches are larger than their male counterparts,
Examine the color of the cockroach.
Oriental cockroaches are a very dark brown color. They may even appear black under certain lights. Aside from their characteristic color, there are no other elements, such as bands or dots, to distinguish them from other species of cockroaches.
Examine the cockroach wings.
Male eastern cockroaches have wings that cover about three-quarters of their abdomen while their female counterparts do not. Although they have these organs, males cannot fly.
Pay attention to the places where you meet cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches can survive a cold and long winter outdoors, because they are able to burrow under a protective layer of a material such as plant moss. Indoors, they tend to settle in dark, damp places. They can often be found in the pipes of fresh cellars.
Pay attention to the smells that cockroaches can give off.
There is often an unpleasant musty smell from areas that are infested with oriental cockroaches. These fumes are due to the chemicals that these cockroaches secrete to communicate with each other.

    If you are dealing with an invasion of cockroaches, you are going to have to take drastic measures to eliminate these harmful insects. If you spare a small area of ​​your home, you leave them a space where they can reproduce and you will again have to do the disinfection work. German cockroaches have a preference for prepared foods and that is why it is more likely to meet them in the kitchen. Striped cockroaches often hide in dark, warm places like the spaces between the shelves of a closet. If you are facing a cockroach problem, store your food in airtight containers to protect it from contamination. You should also keep garbage in closed containers. Oriental cockroaches often enter homes through pipes and drainage systems to settle in dark, cool places like cellars.