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Comment exterminer le Coronavirus?

Propreté 08 March 2020
How to decontaminate an object?
Tests on different disinfection solutions show that agents based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite are effective against coronaviruses.
For A-Extermination, the simplest and most effective method of decontamination is "cleaning with water and soap followed by rinsing (either application without rinsing white vinegar, or application without rinsing chlorinated water with 1 / 15th - obtained by mixing one volume of bleach with 2.6% active chlorine with 14 volumes of water at room temperature); or by applying so-called household alcohol ".
But there is another, more radical solution: "the sequestration of moving objects to wait for the spontaneous inactivation of viruses. A 24-hour sequestration is almost always sufficient", specifies the expert.