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Insectes 12 July 2021
Getting rid of earwigs

Before calling an earwig exterminator, be sure to check for earwigs, and take some personal steps.
Here's how to do it:
First, detect the presence of earwigs
Examine your plants. If you suspect that some of your plants have been eaten by earwigs, take a flashlight and conduct a night visit. This will allow you to confirm it.
If you have a vegetable garden, inspect the cut flowers you bring home, maybe there is an earwig sleeping there.
Trap and kill earwigs
You can trap earwigs in at least 2 ways:
    Lay pieces of corrugated cardboard rolled up on themselves vertically on the floor and hold them with a rubber band. Return flower pots filled with damp newspaper to the ground and lift it up lightly with a small stone, so as to leave a space for earwigs to crawl. These traps will serve as home for these insects.
Leave your home for the duration of the earwig extermination and return 4 hours after. Take care to open the windows for 10 minutes. Do not walk barefoot on exterminated areas for 48 hours.
If despite all this the infestation persists, it is really important in your case