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Exterminator in Chomedey



Exterminator Chomedey  at 4636 Bd Samson, Laval, QC H7W 2H3 has been specialized in pest control for the last quarter century.  We are serving several cities around Québec, including Chomedey Extermination.

In business for over 35 years in Quebec, our teams of exterminators are pest control specialists certified by Health Canada and the Pest Management Agency: pests and vermin have no secrets for us!

We have the expertise to intervene in commercial and residential buildings and also in the hospital, pharmaceutical, and restaurants in Chomedey.

Over the years, we have developed knowledge on the physiology and classification of insects and vermin: raccoons, antswaspsratsbugsmice, and other critters. We can thus analyze and find the most appropriate solution for its elimination.

Our staff has specific training and is always updated on the current legislation and safety when using different products and techniques of exterminations.


The Pest Control Professionnals in Chomedey Exterminator


When you find even only 1 vermin or unwanted insect in your building in Chomedey, there can be hundreds or even thousands of unwanted pests in or around your property. You must intervene quickly! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to eliminate them.

Extermination requires specific knowledge and techniques. Using chemical products is often essential.  Insects and other critters don’t all respond in the same way. Our team of professional exterminators in Chomedey will do the work for you safely and effectively for your parasitic intervention.

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